Online Art-Dance therapy (AGI)

This is a 60 minutes session happening every Tuesday until June 22 (online).

If you are a person living with  Alzheimer's disease or another related disorder or a carer, please contact Alzheimer Groupe Inc. for more information: 514-485-7233,

This activity will be facilitated by Rebecca Barnstaple (Dance therapist intern - NCDT)


What you need:

  • A space to move in (enough space for each participant to open their arms and do a 90-degree turn)
  • A chair
  • Comfortable clothes
  • An Internet connection and a webcam

If you would like help accessing our online activities, please call our technology hotline @  514-398-4400, Ext. 09670 (Mondays-Thursdays, 8 am - 5 pm).