The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Dementia Community Investment program has provided a unique opportunity to expand the reach of existing community-based activities and evaluate their impact on wellness. As part of this initiative, we invite anyone who takes part in What connect us-Ce qui nous lie activities and public events to help us track the reach and impact of the project by completing anonymous surveys.  

Our other ethnographic and participatory research initiatives will augment our understanding of reach and impact. By better understanding of experiences related to Alzheimer's, by listening to your concerns and collaborating with persons living with Alzheimer's and related disorders, carers and the concerned public to adapt project activities to an evolving context while developing new ways of connecting with each other, our aim is to close the gap between arts/culture, mental health, and academic sectors and decrease stigma at the intersection of Alzheimer's, aging and mental health. Please click on any of the following topics below to learn about our research initiatives.