The mission of Les Arts et la Ville is to equip communities and help them make full use of the culture’s potential in order to sustainably develop their living environments and strengthen the social fabric.
Christian Sénéchal
Credits : Action Canada

Christian Sénéchal - CEO of Les Arts et la Ville

Christian Sénéchal has a long record in the field of arts and culture. As an artist and producer himself, he founded and directed artistic enterprises and ensured the creation of numerous artistic projects.  He is the CEO of Les Arts et la Ville network, an organization created to equip communities and help them make full use of the culture’s potential.

Mr. Sénéchal held various important positions, including the Executive And Communications Directorate of the Victims Association of Hospital Infections (ADVIN), and was involved in research conducted by HEC Montréal – ‘’ARUC: Financial Crises in the Arts: Preventing rather than Healing’’. He is a member of various boards: Arts Health Network Canada (Vancouver) and Autism Without Limits (social inclusion organization). He also participates in the work of the National Committee for The Reconciliation of Art, Culture and Health, made up of representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the health community (CIUSS), Public Health and the cultural and community sectors.

As a graduate in arts from the University of Ottawa, he has a degree in cultural organization management, an MBA for executives in collective enterprises from UQAM, an EMBA from the University of Paris-Dauphine. He is also a Fellow member of Action Canada, a public policy leadership program.

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