We purposely seeks out edgy, thought-provoking films from around the world which explore multiple mental-health issues from numerous viewpoints, feature in screening panels for film participants, movie directors, producers, receivers of mental health services, mental health professionals and enlighten the audience perceptions of mental illness through participation and discussion.
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Philip Silverberg founded  the Au Contraire Film Festival (ACFF) to educate and dispel myths about mental illness. The annual ACFF will host a screening dedicated to dementia over the next three years and has collaboratively worked with What connects us-Ce qui nous lie  project  to bring the expertise of its team to also create quarterly film screenings hosted by their Community Cinema. Please see the ACFF site for more information on other screenings.


  • Over the next three years, Au Contraire Community Cinema will host screenings of thought-provoking short films on dementia, to facilitate open discussions on the experiences of living with dementia and caring for persons living with dementia. Les Arts et la Ville will facilitate these conversations with panelists from our community partners, film makers and invited guests.