As someone who has always lived a bit in-between cultures, disciplines and actual places, I've always had a deep curiosity about what moves us and, in particular, what moves us to connect across differences. It has been a joy to see so many unique individuals come together and their deep commitment to this project
Melissa Park

Led by Melissa Park, who has a background in art history, occupational science/therapy, medical and psychological anthropology, this initiative is the latest ethnographic and participatory program in her ConnectedNarratives laboratory. Listen2Connect is a research project developed in collaboration with filmmakers, sound and sustainable designers, and arts educators. Our shared aim is to understand the aesthetics of listening for what really matters to persons living with Alzheimer's and other related disorders, their carers, those who work with them and the interested public. 

  • A multisensory approach through sound, visuals and discussion! Join us for a day of discoveries and surprises in one of the most colourful and exciting cities of the province! Come with us for a tour celebrating all the beautiful and iconic places of Montreal!

    Registration to be opened soon for the next workshop.
  • Multi-modal ethnography is about capturing experiences, the very details of an experience~ the sounds, the sights, atmosphere and tactility of our spaces and interactions. Our primary modality is just through our bodies, and we are just accentuating our ability to remember details with different film cameras and audio recording devices.